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- #timetoplay // We are looking forward to move around in the boat soon again!!!! 🔜 ENOSHIMA 🇯🇵 @german_sailing_team_dsv @salomon

Fotos von Tina-sanni-sailings Beitrag


- Huhu! What a Kieler Woche! Weatherwise we had the best sailing conditions we could have wished for. Sunny and warm wind almost every day. We finished 5th which is a good result but we still have to work on some areas to be back on the podium in Kiel next year again. Massive congratulations to @vickyanikasailing for their win!!! We are taking a short summer break now before we head to Japan 🇯🇵 See you 🏝 German Sailing Team Paedi Protect AG @bollé peterfrischgmbh


- Still amazing sailing conditions here in Kiel. We are currently sitting in 4th but the points to the front are very close. 3 more races here today at 10:30 on the TV course 🤩 German Sailing Team Kieler Woche Sailing Musto peterfrischgmbh

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